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  • HSS Bi-metal Hacksaw Blades

    HSS Bi-metal Hacksaw Blades

    10 pack Bi-Metal hacksaw frame blades 24 TPI x 12" Length 0.025" Thick x 1/2" Width , professional grade
    ULTRA HIGH SPEED 24TPI BI-METAL BLADES - Hacksaw Replacement Blades made in high Speed Steel Teeth. Wavy Set Teeth
    IDEAL FOR CUTTING VARIETY OF MATERIALS - Including Steel, Piping, Wood, Angles, Drill Rod, and Many More!
    Size: 12" x1/2" x24TPI Carbon strengh steel body for being flexible and safe and long life
    Increased Tooth Hardness - Further increases wear resistance

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  • Spray adjustable hacksaw bow

    Spray adjustable hacksaw bow

    This Hacksaw is made of metal material, come with 12 inch x 1/2 inch x 24T cutter, with 45 and 90 degree cutting mode, with adjustable screw is easy to operate.
    With gloss finish, comfortable for your daily grip and safety for daily use.
    Bunker hacksaw is with competitive price and durable high-rate capability

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  • Electroplate steel hacksaw frame

    Electroplate steel hacksaw frame

    Mini hacksaw always in a household tools kit
    we have wooden handle ,plastic handle,TPR handle,steel handle,and aluminium alloy handle and so on for your choose
    The plating steel hacksaw frame with high frequency quenching is attractive,portable and durable for use.
    There is ergonomic designed handle equipped on the saw frame

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